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#1 Sports World

Sports Souvenirs & Keepsakes

Be a part of something bigger than yourself and kick it into gear with #1 Sports World. We offer our wide selection of promotional and collectible items to ensure you can enthusiastically support your favorite sports team. This includes our wide collection of quality sports figures, coffee mugs, accessories, and more. We also have t-shirts that come in many colors and sizes from small to XXXXL. Items are priced between $20 and $30. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return a product to us within seven days from the date of purchase.

Sports Memorabilia & Collectibles

Bring out the sports enthusiast in you with the greatest sports promotional items in the world. Our mission is to have the highest quality materials and products and to sell them at the best price. Choose from our t-shirts, figurines, and more. Grow with us and our vision to put #1 Sports World in every home in America.


You can get a 100% cotton t-shirt with your colors. Our t-shirts range in size from small to 5XL. For any shirts that are 3XL and up, we add $5 to the price.